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Swedish Massage--Is traditionally performed on a massage table and uses five main techniques or "strokes."  These include effleurage (gliding or sliding), pettrisage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction, and vibration.  Each of these techniques have different benefits and are important components to providing the overall therapeutic response of massage therapy.  It is important to communicate with your therapist about the depth of pressure that you prefer.  Everyone is different and no one knows your body better than you so please talk to your therapist so that they can provide the best massage for you.  If relaxation is your goal, Swedish massage is your best choice.  Swedish massage also provides pain relief and enhance joint mobility.  Please be sure to discuss any health concerns that you may have with your therapist.

Deep Tissue--This type of massage uses Swedish movements in addition to connective tissue manipulation to accomplish structural changes and release of shortened muscles.  A structural analysis may be appropriate to determine the source of your pain or structural abnormality.  The "hands on" portion of your massage may be shortened because of the added assessment time to determine the best course of treatment.  A diagram of your posture may be constructed to demonstrate abnormalities to your posture which may be causing a chronic condition.  You may experience more discomfort with this type of massage because when lengthening shortened muscles and retraining them to stay in their lengthened state the therapist may need to work at a deeper level than you feel most comfortable with.  Your therapist will explain the "pain scale" with you to determine at what level she can work so that you are still comfortable but therapeutic changes can be made.  With this type of massage it is extremely important for you to communicate with your therapist and your therapist may need to make environmental changes to keep you focused on the therapy (such as using brighter lights and different types of music).  All of this will be determined by your therapist so that you will receive the best benefit from your massage session.

Chair massage--Performed in a specially designed chair, with recipient fully clothed, this type of massage is great for lunch breaks or after work to de-stress from your day.  The sessions are typically 10-20 minutes long and focus on relieving tired and sore muscles.  10 minute minimum.

Add-ons:  Treatment options that can be added on to a 60 or 90 minute session

Aroma Touch Technique--This is a special massage technique using the benefits of essential oils.  Reach new levels of relaxation as the aromas fill the air and the benefits of these essential oils are absorbed into your body.  There are four steps to this technique and the therapist uses eight different essential oils or oil blends to enhance your immune system, reduce inflammation, stop the stress response and bring balance to your body.  This is an add on treatment to any massage 60 min or more (except chair massage).  We use only DoTerra certified therapeutic grade essential oils for this treatment.

Hot Stone Therapy--Uses heated stones to treat trouble areas of tension.  Upper body or lower body only is a $5 add on to any massage service and full body is a $10 add on.

Spa Treatments include--foot and/or hand treatments  Feet or Hands are exfoliated using a salt or sugar scrub, then a hydrating mask is applied and allowed to sit for 20 minutes.  Then product is removed with hot towels and area is massaged.


Chair Massage$1 / 1 minute
Deep Tissue Massage$50.00 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$65 / 90 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$10
Spa Therapies$20 / each
Swedish Massage$35.00 / 30 minutes
Swedish Massage$50.00 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$65.00 / 90 minutes
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