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"Hands on Health oh my goodness ...I just had the most incredible amazing 90 minute massage from Laura J. Davenport.  Be ready to get pampered...Everybody deserves to have this kind of massage. Thank you Laura...I still feel like jello.  Can't wait until next week to have another one....Time for me to get some pampering"   -- Gwen B.

"Laura is so great.  She cares for more than just your muscles.  She really cares about you as a person."  -- Amber M.

"Laura is an amazing therapist.  Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable."  -- Kourtni M.

"Excellent therapist, 2 thumbs up! She took the time to find out exactly where my problem area was and went the extra mile to explain to me what else I could do on my own time to better help myself. I would recommend her to anyone that is having pain as she is truly in the business to help people relieve themselves of muscular pain." -- Benjy B.

"The touch is just perfect. I had extreme pain in my head before my massage. Now I do not have any pain in my head!! My weekly massages are healing so many ailments I have. I went to my first session walking with a cane. Now I can walk unassisted!! -- Donna S.

"Literally everything about the massage and Laura was amazing!" -- Laura B.

"Laura really knows what she is doing. It was very clear that her main objective was to make me feel comfortable and to help me relax and feel better. I highly recommend (and have to friends already) Hands on Health! Best massage experience I have had." -- Emily M.

"This was my first massage. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very relaxing and I greatly benefited from the experience. I will definitely return." -- Debra  C.

"Laura doesn't see massage therapy as her job, but as her calling. She takes the time to ask questions, to listen, to make suggestions, to educate, and to tailor each session to her client's unique challenges. Her professionalism and genuine care combine to make each session a relaxing and profitable experience!" -- Robin W.

"Laura exudes genuine concern for her clients well being. She's professional & thorough. Besides all that I love her! She's an amazing woman. Who wouldn't want to meet her?!" -- Theresa R.

"Laura did a wonderful job with everything. Very professional, and loosened all the necessary muscles I requested in my back and neck. I'll be back to see her in the future!" -- Matt S.

"I felt very comfortable with the whole experience. Can't wait to go back again." -- Heather S

"Honestly, I was blown away by the whole experience. Laura took the time to listen to me and asked just the right questions to personalize my massage time so that all my needs were met. Her touch is gentle, yet strong, she consistently asks if pressure is okay, and the setting is perfectly lovely. The glass of ice water at the end is the icing on the cake :) She is a delight and so sweet! If you are "on the fence" about going, you should definitely jump on off and give her a call. It will be worth it!!" -- Anonymous

"Laura gave me the best massage I've ever had! I saw immediate results with increased motion in my shoulder, and I did not experience the "normal" level of discomfort that I typically associate with deep tissue massage. I will definitely visit her again!" -- Kim G.

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